Testing: Academic & Industrial Conference
Practice and Research Techniques



Among computer science and software engineering activities, software testing is a perfect candidate for the union of academic and industrial minds. The Testing: Academic and Industrial Conference - Practice and Research Techniques (TAIC PART) is a unique event that strives to combine the important aspects of a software testing conference, workshop, and retreat.

TAIC PART brings together industrialists and academics in an environment that promotes meaningful collaboration on the challenges of software testing. TAIC PART is sponsored by representatives from both industry and academia. The conference brings together software developers, end users, and academic researchers who work on both the theory and practice of software testing.

TAIC PART 2012 is the seventh conference in a series of highly successful events. Take a look and discover what happened at TAIC PART 2011, TAIC PART 2010, TAIC PART 2009, TAIC PART 2008, TAIC PART 2007, and TAIC PART 2006. Please consider submitting a paper and/or registering to attend the 2012 edition of TAIC PART so that you can be part of a premier software testing conference. Individuals with questions about TAIC PART are encouraged to contact one of the conference organizers.


TAIC PART 2006 and 2007 were assessed outstanding and internationally leading in all categories by the EPSRC, who provided significant funding to hold these events. The criteria included research quality, planning and practice, scientific impact, communication of output, and benefits to society. Furthermore, EPSRC also funded TAIC PART 2008, thus enabling the conference to generate public awareness, communicate research findings, and provide practical advice about the challenge of software testing. We invite you to submit a paper and participate in TAIC PART 2012 in order to continue the strong tradition of this conference.



Montreal, CANADA

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