Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, UK

In collaboration with

IEEE IEEE Computer Society

Sponsored by

EPSRC - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council DaimlerChrysler Ericsson
IPL LDRA Motorola Vizuri

TAIC PART 2006 rated 'Outstanding'

TAIC PART 2006 was assessed outstanding and internationally leading in all categories by the EPSRC, who provided significant funding to hold the event. The criteria included research quality, planning and practice, scientific impact, communication of output and benefits to society.

What is TAIC PART?

TAIC PART is a testing workshop that aims to forge collaboration between industry and academia on the challenging and exciting problem of software testing. It is sponsored by representatives of both industry and academia, bringing together commercial and industrial software developers and users with academic researchers working on the theory and practice of software testing.

The conference will be held at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, UK, 29th-31st August, 2006. Cumberland lodge is a former royal residence given to the nation in 1946 by the late Queen Mother. It is an ideal setting for a productive and enjoyable conference, providing world-class conference facilities in an ideal location, which resonates with centuries of historical significance, dating back to the mid 17th century.

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